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Dienstag, 10. März 2009

Ben Liebrand Collectors Edition 3

Shake that ass 6:50 (Based on the Jacksons classic)

Goldengate 4:12 (Smooth track)
Interlude 0:40 (To set the right mood)
Go with the flow 5:56 (Ballad)
Turn it up 5:23 (House)
PartyRoots 6:54 (Going back to our roots)
Feelin' Good 5:42 (Ragga Housy and very Smooth)
Higher 10:43 (Turn of the lights and close your eyes)
Inferno 5:30 (Ben Liebrand & Rene vd Weyde Join Forces)
Flotation 6:12 (Turn of the lights. If only the speakers survive the bass)
Mindset 4:13 (electronic)
Shake your body 7:08 (House mix with Ben on vocoder)

total 69:50

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