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Dienstag, 10. März 2009

Ben Liebrand Collectors Editions 2

Cruisin' on Melmac Interstate 5:49
Son of Godzilla 6:09 (Back in the Cinema Now !)

C-corp 8:02 (Corporate Film Music)

New Beat 6:32 (Belgian Style New Beat track)

The Birds 5:03 (The techno version of the silly one)

Energize 3:30 (The dub without the silly stuff)

double-O seven 6:14 (My name is ....)

Bolero 7:38 (The Classic)

Back to the Batgroove 5:27 (Holy Remix !! Batman !!)

Happy Birthday 2:26 (The funnyfarm joins in on your birthday)
BatCappella 0:52 (All the nice vocal bits)
Chant of Godzilla 5:48
(Rap and Chant remix)
Melmac Interstate Roadmix 6:53 (Melmacius Remixius)

total 70:55

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