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Samstag, 28. Februar 2015

Ben Liebrand - Iconic Groove

This is Ben Liebrand New Production

Liebrand, Ben

Iconic Grooves

Ben Liebrand - Iconic Groove
25 years after Styles, Ben Liebrand releases his new Artist Album,
Iconic Groove
An album capturing those bass lines, riffs and rhythms that move the dance floor. An album covering every aspect of your weekend, from getting ready to go out, the trip to the venue in the limo, me trying to get there on time, the people you meet, the artists you see, the moves you make all the way till you see the sunrise after closing time.
Inspired by all that I love, with Tony Scott, James D'Train Williams, Cerrone and many more. Straight from planet 'Disco' arriving in my 'Lunar Terra Lander'!
Ben Liebrand - Iconic Groove
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Ben Liebrand -  

 Release date 01 June 2015.
Pre-order now.

We can't shipped before this date !!!

After the album "Styles" 1990 Ben Liebrand goes on his second artist album 'Iconic Groove "further back to what he himself has inspired. On a double CD with 17 new productions he captures the mood and feel of the real dance music of the late '70s and early' 80s.
The whole album is about all facets of the weekend. Choose your outfit, go to the disco in a Limo, go wild on the dance floor until closing time and the new sunrise.
The album works Ben's idols, and the vocals are handled by including James "D-Train" Williams (known from "Music", "You're The One For Me" and "Walk On By"), Tony Scott ("Move to The Big Band "), Barbara Tucker (known from" Beautiful People "and singer with ao Dee-Lite, George Clinton), Jochem Fluitsma on guitar and Marcel Schimscheimer on bass. Even French Disco God Cerrone plays on "Iconic Groove".

Tracklisting :

CD 1
Ben Liebrand Feat. James “D-Train” Williams - Weekend 6:55
Ben Liebrand Feat. James “D-Train” Williams - We Are The Night 6:18
Ben Liebrand Feat. Caroline Dest - Get On Up 6:57
Ben Liebrand -  Don’t Stop 6:32
Ben Liebrand Feat. Barbara Tucker - Boogie 6:01
Ben Liebrand Feat. Joel “Spanky” Gray V.I.P. - Pass (Limo Included) 5:37
Ben Liebrand - Sunrise 6:01
Ben Liebrand - To The Venue 15:05

CD 2
Ben Liebrand Into The Light 8:12
Ben Liebrand Dancer 6:48
Ben Liebrand Feat. James “D-Train” Williams - Mister DJ 6:47
Ben Liebrand Feat. Tony Scott - Discotheque 6:11
Ben Liebrand Feat. Tony Scott - All The Way 6:30
Ben Liebrand Feat. Caroline Dest - Love 6:57
Ben Liebrand - On And On 8:52
Ben Liebrand Feat Erica Young - Can You Hear Me 6:37

Label : Sony Music
Barcode : 0888750801920

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