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Freitag, 7. Februar 2014


VJ - Visuals, Now available as 9.5 GB download http://liebrand.com/cd/gmvjv/
- More than 220 clips in mp4 format
- More than 70 bonus 'Ben Liebrand' clips
- High quality mpeg4 (much higher than mpeg2 DVD)
- Clips can be used directly in all VJ software packages
- Wav files of Modular 1 stereo mixes

Show The Clip Here

And as a bonus:

- The original VIDEO_TS files from which the DVD was produced. Burn them on a DVD and you are good to go oldskool style.

- Higher quality mp4 format
- 3 x the amount of clips
- Half the price and no shipping costs
- Just € 9.99

The Digital Package contains many extra visuals including animations made from artwork made for recent Grand 12 Inches, Grandmix 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013.

It also contains additional background layers usable to compile your own visuals

Also included more than 70 bonus clips as used by Ben Liebrand during his DJ performances 


Some of the new clips

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